Horticultural maintenance

As professional landscape designers, we understand that garden maintenance is not only about mowing the lawn and edging of the garden. We by all means educate our clients about the unique needs of each individual garden meaning when and how to prune plants, the correct time for plant division, the correct fertilizers to be used for different plant needs in the garden and their correct application periods, application of herbicides and insecticides and Spring Treatment. We provide our clients with a clearly defined maintenance program so that they have an idea of what the scope of works entails for each visit we make to their properties.

Much focus during spring treatment is given to the lawn, but overall, Spring Treatment should be done to the whole garden as a whole. All plants at this time need to be pruned and all dead flowers and brown leaves cut off. This allows enough room for new buds to grow out and flower buds to shine. Plants become healthy throughout the growing season as the whole garden is dressed with compost and organic fertilizers as lawns are also dressed with a layer of lawn dressing and fertilized.

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